Koyoi Original Fusion Dinner Course

Summer Course ~Gouttes de lune~

~ Sakizuke (Appetiser) ~

Hakone flank seasonal cool vegetables served with three types of dipping sauce

~ Seasonal Vegetable ~

Half-ripe boiled peach featuring white wine foam
Sweet boiled baby Ayu fish with shiso(Japanese basil) and plum sauce
Shigeuri and sprout rolled with fresh ham
Summer vegetable fried rice cracker with bitter gourd and lotus root
Roasted beef pie
Fried river shrimp princess turban shell Uman
Roasted beef with wine sauce

~ Second Bowl ~

Summer tomato minestrone finished in royal Koyoi-style
Croutons and Genoa oil

~ Sashimi ~

Fresh fish of Sagami and Suruga Bay
Chiaji sugata-dukuri Isaki
Aori squid and fawn, sweet shrimp
Homemade sashimi soy sauce garnished set
Wasabi sprouts

~ Tsuyosakana (substantial dish) ~

Sirloin steak of Fuji highland cattle
Grilled vegetables served with various sauces including grated sauce, rock salt and soy sauce

~ Warm Meal ~

Boiled pike conger finished in delicious broth with eggplant, mushroom and green pepper
Sea urchin with grinded leaf buds and Asagi (spring onion)

~ Oshinogi ~

Two pieces of Sushi
Rolled Unagi with eggplant pickles

~ Oshokuji ~

Cold Somen noodle with Japanese ginger, Western ginger, Sutachibana and cucumber

~ Desserts ~

Seasonal fruits and salt ice cream with cooked caramel sauce


? Above is an example of a standard dining course ordered in a Japanese way for dinner inclusive reservations staying in June~August 2016.
? Menu is subject to change depending on chef's decision to provide the most fresh seasonal food to our guests.