Koyoi Original Fusion Dinner Course

Autumn Course ~Gouttes de lune~

~ Sakizuke (Appetiser) ~

Koyoi-style Japanese chopped salad
Chirimen noodle with autumn ginger, radish and cucumber
tomato with seaweed and ooba

~ Seasonal Vegetable ~

Fig steamed with saké with Rikyu sauce
Caviar with wolfberry
Sweet-boiled saury pike boiled with raspberry sauce
Smoked duck with black olives
Ginko, bulbil, chestnut, wheat
Broiled cheese garlic in soy sauce

~ Second Bowl ~

silky white chiken soup with spice
Winter melon, fungus, Enoki, wolfberry
Pine seeds, cabbage, green onions, ginger

~ Sashimi ~

Beated Modokatsuo fish
Spiced Daidaisu jelly
Red sea bream pine sashimi and Aori squid
Homemade sashimi soy sauce
Wasabi Benitade Ashirai set

~ Tsuyosakana (substantial dish) ~

Grilled vegetable and sirloin steak of Fuji highland cattle
Served with various sauces including grated sauce, rock salt and soy sauce

~ Oshinogi ~

Three pieces of Sushi
Dried persimmon and caseous boil seasoned with Japanese pepper (Arima-style)
Grilled wood mushroom seasoned with soy sauce
Pickled Mibu

~ Gem ~

Steamed abalone, sea urchin, salmon roe and carefully selected material
In Iso aroma and white wine

~ Oshokuji ~

Noodle made with Shuzenji local black rice
Maitake tempura with sesame wasabi

~ Desserts ~

Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, orange peel and brandy


? Above is an example of a standard dining course ordered in a Japanese way for dinner inclusive reservations staying in September~November 2016.

? Menu is subject to change depending on chef's decision to provide the most fresh seasonal food to our guests.